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Elizabeth George is the most amazing woman! She took my disability case that all previous lawyers had turned away, because they saw no money in the claim. I have two children with learning disabilities and Ms. George not only took both cases she also won favorable decisions for both of my children after Social Security had denied them twice. She never gave up. I recommend her firm to anyone who's been denied disability.

Marci Thrasher

I'd definitely recommend this law office to anyone! The lawyer and his staff have excellent service and are very efficient with what their job description requires.

Kenyetta Johnson

the type of lawyer you want because he truly cares about what's going on with you and your life especially for veterans

NightLife24Seven Podcast

They helped me with my case and very pleased with the results. Friendly staff and I liked the way they helped with my questions

rusty slaton

These lawyers are very good at what they do & they have a good winning ratio.

Carol Lynn Phillips

Trustworthy and works hard for you!

Ruby Wade

Great law firm

Edsel Adkins

Very professional.

Jason Pritchett


Lonnie Morrow

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