Practice Areas

Clayton County Injury Attorneys

Does a disability or work injury have you looking for legal help? George & Wallach, L.L.L.P. provides a full range of legal services to provide you with a unique level of quality care. Please contact an attorney from our firm to arrange a free consultation in any of the following practice areas.

Workers’ Compensation : Our firm is ready to be of assistance to injured workers at any time during the workers’ compensation claims process. If you have been injured at work, have been denied workers’ compensation benefits, or if you require representation at a hearing, we can help.

SSDIB and SSI Claims : If you have been denied a claim for Social Security Disability, there are many options available to you. We represent disabled individuals throughout the process of seeking SSD benefits, including in administrative hearings and through an appeal.

Don’t Let Them Tell You That… : Our experience in Workers’ Compensation has provided us with a wealth of knowledge we are eager to use to our clients’ benefit.

Industry Specific Injuries : Our firm represents workers in the airline, manufacturing, and construction industries, as well as the myriad of other employments in Georgia. The nature of these jobs often puts workers at increased risk for serious injury.

Catastrophic Injuries : We help people whose lives are impacted by life-altering injuries such as brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, burns, and others.

Chronic Pain Injuries : Chronic pain injuries can require a lifetime of medication and pain treatment, as well as psychological or psychiatric help.

Medical Issues and Treatment : The company doctor may not always be addressing the medical problems of the Injured Worker, but rather the legal needs of the company. As an Injured Worker, you have rights involving selection of your physicians.

Transportation and Housing Issues : Making even the slightest adjustment to your home or vehicle after a work-related injury can relieve many stresses in a person’s life. Our firm helps Injured Workers seek the modifications needed to cope with their injuries.

Personal Injury : If you have been injured in a car or trucking accident, our firm can represent you. If your case requires specialized representation, we do not hesitate to associate additional attorneys at no extra cost to you. Please contact George & Wallach to learn more.